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Body Checking: the Aggressive Side of Hockey Game

For those who do not really know about the details of hockey game, this seems like a violent and aggressive match. However, hockey is traditionally an aggressive game, especially since this sport is played on ice where there is slower movement control between players; thus making not hitting each other a very difficult thing to do. However, there are still rules related to a thing called body checking in hockey.

What is Body Checking in Hockey Game?
Body checking in hockey game means the collision between players, in which this is often deliberate. The hitting is used to block the opponent, and becomes an element that makes hockey game looks aggressive. However, there are several rules related to body checking, which are:

  • A player can only hit or impede other player with his or her own body parts such as torso, hip and shoulders (not the hockey stick or puck), as a part of efforts to block the opponent player.
  • The only player that can be ‘checked’ is opponent player that possesses the puck.
  • The body checking cannot be done to the head.
  • The body checking cannot be done to an opponent player that is facing scoring board.

By looking at these rules, you will know which body checking that counts as violation, and which one is legal in hockey game.